Laser Whitening

Laser treatment seems to be the 21st century cure-all. Even for you teeth! The great thing about laser whitening is the speediness of the procedure. You could have your teeth whitened in as little as one office visit! The downside of laser treatment is the cost (between $500-$2000). If you don't have the dough, don't fret. There are other options but first we shall take a look at how laser whitening works.

Basically a teeth whitening gel is combined laser light, which activates the crystals. The crystals then absorb the energy the light gives off, penetrating your teeth enamel. As the lighting effect on your teeth increases, the chemical reaction of the product is speeded up by the laser light. So if you have the funds, look for a dentist in %cityOrState% that will perform this whitening solution! Sit back in the dentist's chair and emerge with fresh pearly whites!